Our portfolio

Our portfolio - Educational Technology TeamThe Educational Technology Team are responsible for creating and maintaining a wide variety of web-based solutions. This page highlights the work the Team do supporting educational, administration and marketing activities in the College.

Lecture/Event Recording...

Echo360 has been introduced to the College to provide automated recordings of live lectures and other events (inaugural lectures, training sessions). It is capable of:

echo360 recording

1. synchronising the presentation, audio commentary and a video recording into a combined streamable format or podcast;

2. being scheduled to record automatically and publish directly into the learning management system.

Find out more or contact a.wright.2@bham.ac.uk for more information.


ePortfolios ...


The Educational Technology Team have introduced an ePortfolio system for all students on the MBChB programme. The aim is to produce a secure web-based application which provides students with the opportunity for private reflection on all aspects of their studies and self-development. Additionally, the work can be shared with colleagues and tutors and published as reports or assignments.

Clinical Simulation ...


clinical simulation

The College have created a suite of rooms to support facilitated clinical simulation. These rooms are equipped with a CCTV-style video recording system, called the Scotia Medical Observation & Training System (SMOTS).

SMOTS offers the following advantages to clinical simulation:

1. 24/7 recording from ceiling-mounted or mobile video/audio units

2. networked software for immediate playback, feedback and publishing

3. great opportunity for students to self-evaluate their performance during the simulation.

Online Simulations ...



Patient Pathways is an innovative project involving staff from the University of Birmingham Schools of Medicine and Health Sciences, the University of Central England, and City, Kidderminster and Good Hope NHS Trusts. 

Together, we are developing joint educational resources for undergraduate medical students, Radiographers, Physiotherapists, Specialist Nurses and OD practitioners. Each professional group are expected to work through the online simulations prior to their placement (example below) and subsequently meet together for a facilitated discussion on the care pathway and role of the different professional groups.

Student Administrative Portal ...


Over the past 5 years, the Team have created a course administration system to support MBChB students. Now available across other programmes, this offers over 20 applications, including:


- clinical skills passport;

- grade archive and release;

- absence recording and monitoring;

- module/course evaluation recording and reporting.

Contact c.withers@bham.ac.uk for more information.

Learning Support ...


The Team are committed to supporting the staff and students in the College through in-house courses and online support websites. The websites offer guidance on College systems and activities, together with information on other interesting web-style developments.


Interactive Lectures ...

turning point clickers

Voting systems are gaining huge popularity amongst staff and students. They are particularly attractive in large lecture settings where interaction and engagement is difficult. The systems are now routinely used in MBChB and BMedSc lectures.