Current projects

Current projects in the Educational Technology Team


The Team are committed to improving the quality of the teaching and learning experience for students. Below are several examples of current projects which members of the Team are engaged in, categorised into our three principal strategic areas:



eCourse is an online learning portal for the Dental programme. This new project is seeking to redevelop the site and make it available to all academic programmes across the College of MDS. 

Contact: James Kelly

Distance MSc in Advanced General Dental Practice 

The Team are involved in the creation of a new distance learning course, based upon the existing campus-based course.

Contact: Andrew Wright

WMCSU Educational Programme Portal 

A portal has been created for the West Midlands Commissioning Support Unit  to promote courses and register delegates; once registered, the delegates have access to all learning resources. The Team are actively engaged with the WMCSU to web-conference and record all sessions.

Contact: Dalbir Kang

Study Skills for Nursing and Physiotherapy

The undergradaute Nursing and Physiotherapy programmes are working with the Team to create innovative learning activities to enhance student study skills from pre-induction to final years.

Contact: Dalbir Kang

‘Patient Safety Matters’ portal

This is a regional initiative to support student education of issues concerning patient safety. It involves creating a portal to allow three Universities to share educational resources, clinical pathways and simulation feedback.

Contact: Dr John Couperthwaite

Clinical pathways

New pathways for Post Menopausal Bleeding and COPD to be added to the ‘Patient Safety Matters’ portal, using video, questionsets and supporting resources. 

Contact: Dalbir Kang


This is a University pilot project to evaluate the use of SMS for supporting course administration. It is currently being used in the BSc Physiotherapy programme.

Contact: Dr John Couperthwaite

Surgical Oncology

The Clinical Oncology programme team are working with us to develop a new distance learning module as part of their MSc programme.

Contact: Marcus Belben 

Clinical Skills mobile

The Team are creating a new mobile application to support the current MBChB clinical skills passport. This will include access to high quality training videos, questionsets and core texts.

Contact: Marcus Belben 


Interactive document repository

A new application is being piloted to allow secure hosting and sharing of College documents, such as policies, service level agreements, research guidelines and meetings notes.

Contact: Michael Parry

Absence manager

An absence collection and reporting system is being created to support robust storage of MBChB attendance records for all MBChB/GEC students.

Contact: Christopher Withers

Single sign-on

The Team are currently working on creating a single administration portal for the College intraMED. This will project single sign on access to both the current staff and student sites, and the new eCourse2.

Contact: Michael Parry


College of Medical and Dental Sciences website

Development of a new website for the College of Medical and Dental Sciences. This site is critical to demonstrate the breadth of activity across our complex structure

Contact: Shawn Mayall

'Virtual' Medical School website

The University of Birmingham provides exciting opportunities for learning and research in medicine and the biomedical sciences. Development of a new website for the 'virtual' Medical School will allow us to communicate these opportunities and our excellent reputation.  

Contact: Shawn Mayall

Clinical trials websites

Content migration and development for all clinical trials websites across our three trials units.  

Contact: Shawn Mayall

iDesk information browser / plasma screens 

Following the refurbishment of the Medical School foyer, we have new opportunities to communicate through the creation of an information website for our iDesk consoles and the installation of three plasma screens.

Contact: Shawn Mayall