MBChB Induction 2012

Induction information

Congratulations on achieving your place at the College of Medical and Dental Sciences.  We hope you will have an enjoyable and successful time with us.

This webpage will provide you with a variety of useful information and direct you to some tasks you are asked to undertake before arriving at Welcome Week. We expect this site to be complete by 29 August 2012. Please don’t worry if you can’t access everything immediately, you will have plenty of time to become familiar with it before Welcome Week.

Do check this page for updates, but you will also receive some initial information by post as soon as we know the names of incoming students. (International Students, this material will also be sent to you by email, in case it doesn’t arrive in time). We look forward to meeting you all, and will see you on 19th September. 

* Not living in Halls means not living in a student-block of accommodation flats, whether University or private landlord accommodation. Most students in this category will be living at home with parents, some with partners, or in their own accommodation.

Please go to www.uobmedsoc.com/guide to see the Guide to First Year produced by MedSoc.

Courses are now available in WebCT, the University's chosen virtual learning environment.. To use it you must:

Further information on the use of web resources and learning technologies in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences can be found at the 'Online Resources for Students' website.