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People and Organisational Development

The University via People and Organisational Development (POD) provides a varied programme of training to support the professional development of postdoctoral researchers. 

National Researcher Survey (CROS)
This confidential survey has been running for 6 weeks and will be open until the end of May.  The results will be used by institutions and research funding bodies to understand researcher careers and to inform actions within the institution, the sector, and among research funders. For example, since it was introduced in 2002, CROS has led to improvements in local staff review and appraisal systems, induction processes and communication with researchers. It has led to additional funding to institutions for researcher development, as well as significantly raising the profile of researchers both within institutions and nationally. Your input and that of your colleagues is therefore very important and highly valued, and we appreciate the contribution you are making by telling us about your views and experiences. It should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Developing As A Research Team Leader programme
DRTL is a collaborative programme between the Universities of Birmingham and Nottingham and provides a bespoke leadership development opportunity for up to 15 researchers from each institution. The programme runs for 5 days between June and December this year. Further details on the schedule and content are available from Vincent O’Grady.  Participants will be expected to attend all sessions.

What you can get out of the Developing As A Research Team Leader course
Overall, I would highly recommend the Developing As A Research Team Leader course for anyone who is considering a future as a team leader and don’t forget, you can list it on your CV as evidence of leadership training.

Human Resources

Human Resources look after the relationship between staff members and the University. The team supports professional goals and development of staff, and also wellbeing at work. They also manage employment policies and conditions, staff recruitment and induction, benefits, salaries and much more.

"Your benefit choices" is a new document sent to all new employees at the University of Birmingham.




Vitae provides support and advice to research staff across the UK