Professional Services and Registrar's Leadership Group

Registrar's Leadership Group

The University's Professional Services, located both centrally in Corporate Services and in the Colleges, work in partnership with academics to support the academic mission of the University.

Professional Services deliver excellent and diverse services to University students, staff and visitors; contribute to the development and implementation of University policy and strategy; and provide professional support for decision-making.

Professional Services are led by the Registrar and Secretary, Mr Lee Sanders, who is supported by the Registrar's Leadership Group, made up of the Directors of Corporate Services and the Directors of Operations in the Colleges.

The Registrar's Leadership Group also oversees and directs the Birmingham Professional Programme.

Claire O'Sullivan - DARO
Trevor Payne - Director of Estates
Lorraine Gaytten

The Registrar’s Leadership Group is supported by the Assistant Registrar (Executive Support), based in the Registrar and Secretary's Office

For an explanation of the structure of the University's Professional Services, please view our Professional Services Organisational Chart (PDF - 32KB).