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The ESRC Festival of Social Science, which takes place in November, highlights some of the leading social science research taking place within the field of Social Science with free  lectures, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and other events being held around the country to offer an insight into how social science research impacts on our lives. 

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Opting out of Meditterranean rescue condemns desperate migrants to death

The UK government is seeking to defend its decision not to support rescue missions for migrants making the dangerous crossing to Europe via the central Mediterranean - Dr Nando Sigona writes in 'The Conversation'.
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News from School of Education

Dr Sandra Cooke debates moral values on BBC 4's live radio programme, the 'Moral Maze'

Dr Sandra Cooke, is a 'witness' on the BBC 4's live radio programme, the Moral Maze.
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News from School of Government and Society

Podcast: Hobbes's Dilemma and the Liberal Quest for World Order

A joint POLSIS/ICCS distinguished lecture given by one of the world's leading experts on international relations. Chair: Dr Tim Haughton (POLSIS/CREES), Speaker: Robert O. Keohane (Princeton University), Discussant: Professor Nicholas Wheeler (ICCS, University of Birmingham).
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