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News from Business School

University Challenge and a lesson on quotas for British business

Examining equality in the Boardroom.
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News from School of Social Policy

Is it fair to ask volunteers to run library services?

Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Third Sector Research Centre (TSRC), John Mohan, appeared on the Mark Forrest show on BBC local radio, to talk about the relevance of TSRC research to the issue of library services being taken over by volunteers.
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News from School of Education

Why is it so hard to talk about race in UK universities?

Dr Nicola Rollock discusses the lack of open debate about race in the UK in an article in 'The Conversation'
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News from School of Government and Society

New World Development article by Fiona Nunan

Newly published article in World Development examines how different types of institutions impact on the co-management of fisheries, drawing on research on inland fisheries in East Africa and Malawi.
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