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The College of Social Sciences brings together over 360 academics (including 86 professors) and 264 professional staff across a range of disciplines and interdisciplinary fields. Around 25% of our staff are international and combined with over 42,500 global alumni representing over 185 countries, our work impacts all areas of society grounded in the key disciplines of business, economics, education, government and society, and social policy.

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School of Government and Society

Posted 22 December 2016

Latest POLSIS publications show breadth of research

2016 was a banner year for high-profile publications by POLSIS staff, offering cutting-edge analysis on areas from China to Syria and on topics from security to totalitarianism to gender and political economy.

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School of Social Policy

Posted 23 January 2017

Theresa May, the JAMs and Social Justice in an Era of Turbulence

The speed with which Theresa May was `catapulted' into the leadership both of her Party and the nation following David Cameron's rapid departure from office after the EU referendum, has left many commentators seeking clues about the prospective economic and social agenda of her new government.

Posted 16 January 2017

Is the crisis in the NHS as bad as the Red Cross says it is?

The Conversation website has just published a piece by HSMC Director, Judith Smith, together with Andy Street (or York University) and Paula Lorgelly (of the Office of Health Economics) about the current NHS pressures and funding.

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