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News from Business School

Distinguished Leaders Series: Billie Major

On 18 February Billie Major, Corporate Vice President and Head of Delivery for Capgemini Aspire, delivered a guest lecture as part of Birmingham Business School's Distinguished Leaders Series. Billie drew on her extensive experience to give an overview of what it takes to be an effective leader.
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News from School of Social Policy

Whose health and social care? The future

Moseley and Kings Heath Labour Party supported by Unite, the Union, brought together around 100 local people and community activists with a panel of experts, including HSMC's Professor Jon Glasby, to discuss what we should do next to improve our NHS, locally and nationally.
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News from School of Education

Professor Gary Thomas assists young researchers

Professor Gary Thomas provides research advice to young researchers
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News from School of Government and Society

In death, Boris Nemtsov embodies the hope of a better Russia

Written by Dr Adrian Campbell. For Russia to make peace with its troubled post-Communist history, it needs a 1990s hero to remember. Boris Nemtsov could be just that.
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