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Generating new knowledge about society and transforming this in ways that improve wellbeing, is central to all work in this research-led College of Social Sciences. Striving to champion new policies and practices, generate considerable investment and maintain relevance to the current world.

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News from Business School

The Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship: 10 Years On

It's ten years since the Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME), now operating at the heart of University of Birmingham's Business School, came into being.
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News from School of Social Policy

Is the call for a tougher UK response to extremists unreasonable?

The School of Social Policy's Dr Chris Allen, participated in a live debate for 'Voice of Russia' on the new counter-extremism powers proposed by Theresa May at the Tory party conference. Under these new proposals preachers of hate will be banned from public speaking or spreading their propoganda on social media, under sweeping new powers.
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News from School of Education

Paul Warmington invited to speak at Martin Luther King's alma mater

Paul Warmington to deliver a keynote speech at Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia - alma mater of Dr Martin Luther King.
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News from School of Government and Society

ICCS Seminar Series 2014/15

ICCS hosts a number of seminars throughout the year which focuses on a number of different topics. Listen to the latest podcasts from our recent events.
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