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The College of Social Sciences brings together over 360 academics (including 86 professors) and 264 professional staff across a range of disciplines and interdisciplinary fields. Around 25% of our staff are international and combined with over 42,500 global alumni representing over 185 countries, our work impacts all areas of society grounded in the key disciplines of business, economics, education, government and society, and social policy.

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School of Government and Society

Posted 20 May 2016

Subjecthood – A new entry point for critical social inquiry?

This workshop aimed to answer the question of how the idea of subjecthood can be understood and how it might be conceptualised. In doing so, special attention is to be paid to the fact that any subject of social change is inevitably embedded in a global political economy and its different epistemic frameworks and historical legacies.

Posted 18 May 2016

Indonesia's Grand Defense Vision

Indonesia's Defense White Paper reiterates lofty ambitions, with little advice on how to turn vision into reality. Written by Scott Edwards and Masyithoh Annisa Ramadhani.

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School of Social Policy

Posted 24 May 2016

No 'I' in 'teams' but it's the start of 'integrate'

The importance of teams to the successful delivery of health and care services is now well established. There is an overwhelming evidence base that teams of relevant professionals coming together to achieve a shared goal can lead to genuine improvements in patient care.

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