The Council

Council is responsible for: the approval of mission and strategic vision of the University; monitoring institutional performance against plans and approved KPIs; control of assets: finances, estates, long-term business plans; annual budgets and accounts; oversight of HR policy and employment matters; the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor; ensuring that control and accountability systems for all matters are in place and monitored including risk assessment and conflict of interest procedures.

It currently has five business meetings each year two of which are incorporated with strategic discussion days and has 24 members, made up as follows:

The following sub-committees report to Council:

To find out more information on the Council, please visit the Council website.

Who are our ‘lay’ members?

Our lay members are individuals who bring external experience and perspective to Council. They are neither staff nor students of the University. They are usually appointed following advertisement and interview, and serve to four years in the first instance.