Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee has delegated authority from the Senate for the management of quality assurance in the University.  It is supported in this work by the five College Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committees.


  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education), in the Chair
  • Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)
  • College Directors of Quality Assurance or nominee of the College Director of Education
  • Director of the Graduate School
  • Vice President (Education and Access) of the Guild of Students

Terms of Reference

To monitor regularly all guidance and requirements issued by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, particularly in relation to Higher Education Review and the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, initiating and co-ordinating action as appropriate.

To develop and keep under review the University's systems, policies and guidance for assuring and enhancing the quality of students' learning experience and maintaining academic standards.

To develop and keep under review processes for annual review of modules and programmes at undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research levels, and for collaborative provision, and to consider and manage the outcome of these processes.

To monitor the outcomes from, and the effectiveness of, the External Examiner system for taught programmes.

To consider the outcomes of Specific Checks and Thematic Reviews initiated by the Committee or by Colleges.

In conjunction with the Education Committee to receive reports from the Education Committee on quality and standards issues emerging from Vice-Chancellor's Reviews.

To monitor a range of relevant risk and performance indicators, including risk indicators monitored by the QAA, such as:

  • Statistical data on the performance of programmes;
  • Student feedback and survey results;
  • Annual reports regarding complaints, appeals, misconduct, fitness to practice and cases submitted to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.

To have oversight of the University's approach to assuring the completeness, accuracy and reliability of information provided for applicants and students.

To consider reports from the Graduate School Management Board on quality assurance or academic standards matters relating to postgraduate research students, including in particular the outcomes of PGR annual review.

To consider reports from the Collaborative Provision Committee regarding the outcomes of annual and periodic reviews of collaborative provision, and any other matters relating to the quality assurance or academic standards of collaborative provision.

To consider reports from the Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRB) sub-committee.

To consider proposals and reports from College committees with oversight of quality assurance matters.

QAA checks how UK universities and colleges maintain the standard of their higher education provision. Click here to read this institution's latest review report. The QAA diamond logo and 'QAA' are registered trademarks of the Quality Assurance Agency.

Dates of Meetings

The 2015-16 meeting dates to be updated shortly.

Reporting Relationship

Reports to Senate and, for specific items, University Executive Board. Receives reports from the Collaborative Provision Committee on reviews of collaborative provision arrangements, and (for specific items) the Graduate School Management Board.



Jo Luckett

Tel: 0121 414 7084 

Email: j.c.luckett@bham.ac.uk