About this resource

This resource has been developed by the Technology Enhance Learning (TEL) Hub in collaboration with the Teaching AcademyEducational DevelopmentEducational Enterprise and Library Services

The ‘Professional Development Gateway for Teaching and Learning’ is a collaborative endeavour between academics and professional services including staff from the TEL Hub, the Teaching Academy, Educational Enterprise, Educational Development (CLAD/LS), and Library Services

The Gateway offers a suite of short, online professional development modules for academics to support the use of innovative teaching, learning and assessment strategies for both on- and  off-campus programme delivery.

Phase two

In phase two, to be available from  Spring 2017, further modules will be available in:  

  • Resource Lists(working with the library)
  • Module Communication in Canvas
  • Webinar Tools
  • Making the most of Canvas Analytics (supporting academic led modules)
  • E-portfolios/Reflective Practice
  • Using audio and video in Canvas
  • Module Evaluation (online resource to support use of current Evasys tool)
  • Canvas student pre induction module 

The modules available in phase one are:

Within these modules, training and support are available to you in a number of different formats: online, face-to-face in a local setting, and via discussion fora.

All Gateway modules will be revised over time based on your feedback – which we welcome. Opportunities for feedback are available online in each module, at face-to-face training sessions, through your School Heads of Education and via any of the newly appointed TEL Hub College Partnership Managers and the wider TEL Hub team.

The TEL Hub Partnership and Development Managers in each College are:

The Gateway team look forward to working with you to support our aspirations to design and deliver consistently high quality learning experiences for students.