Application Services

Application Services is responsible for a range of software-based services that underpin the smooth running of the University and are used by applicants, students, staff and other visitors and partners. These include a wide range of business-crucial administration systems and web applications.

Application Services consists of several teams that work across the following areas:

  • Business Systems - managing the development, implementation and support of finance systems, student records, human resources and business intelligence applications. Works with teams across the University to ensure the effective procurement, implementation and maintenance of these applications.
  • Web Services and Digital Library – managing the applications that host the University’s external and internal online presence, as well as enabling colleagues across the University to edit web content. These include website, intranet, portal, mobile apps, library management systems and University search engine.

Key people

IT Services - Head of Application Services
Larry Kearns
Telephone -  +44 (0)121 415 5875