Beta version of new BBC homepage

Posted: Wednesday 21st September 2011

The BBC have released a new homepage design in beta testing today:  

The design seems to be optimised for tablet devices. Scrolling through to select a programme/video/news story looks very pretty on the iPad. The Most Popular, What’s on and Explore sections expand and contract which gives a feeling of movement that is most useful on a touchscreen device so you know the touch has effected something.

The BBC have produced an interesting blog post about the redesign too. It seems the customisation options on their current website aren’t being regularly used so they are taking the website down the route of filtering content rather than users customising of it. This approach could be something for us to consider in the University sector – our homepage could potentially contain lots of images/videos on courses, research, news etc then you could filter that down to be presented with more focussed information if that’s what you want.

It’s a clever way of dealing with a mixture of website visitors – some with very specific needs and others wanting a more general overview. What do you think of the new design?

  • Phil Wilson
    1. At 2:28PM on 13 October 2011, wrote

    I love it :)

  • Tara
    2. At 2:56PM on 07 November 2011, wrote

    New design for the BBC Weather site has now been released. Again it's very much optimised for touchscreens...

  • Nick Brand
    3. At 4:52PM on 15 March 2012, wrote

    BBC website makeover design is impressive by virtue of its simplicity of design. The website offers a simple, clean interface with an excellent navigation. The site’s pages are are optimized for quick loading. Also, the ability to conduct article searches from the home page gives the web user better access to the new’s sites contents. Nicely done.

  • socialbookmarking
    4. At 11:01AM on 17 January 2013, wrote

    Major thankies for the blog post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

  • dave roberts
    5. At 2:20PM on 28 January 2013, dave roberts wrote

    test test test

  • Tara
    6. At 2:20PM on 28 January 2013, Tara wrote


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