Contensis user feedback survey 2011

Posted: Tuesday 13th December 2011

As a result of the Contensis User Feedback survey 2011 we have identified the following as the top 5 problems currently experienced by editors… 


  • Speed of CMS (New FAQ has been written which may help users experiencing slowness when editing pages)
  • Problems with the WYSIWYG editor (Response: a new WYSIWYG editor is due to be released in Contensis 7.2)
  • Publishing and disappearing content (Response: This will be fixed in Contensis 7.1)
  • Approval/workflow confusions (Passed on to Thom Straw to consider what could be done to clarify and improve the process)
  • Permissions (New FAQ has been written to explain how permissions work and what you should do if you think you have the wrong permissions in the CMS)

Additional enhancement/defect tickets have now been raised:


Contensis training actions:

  • Add new field to training request form which asks user to define themselves as a web beginner, intermediate or advanced user (so users can be grouped by skill level and training can be paced accordingly)
  • Plan a schedule of “opt in” training sessions for specific tasks/templates (news and events, course finder, microsite relationships etc)
  • Work with college web leads to define a consistent handover of users once trained 
  • Online feedback form to be completed after each training session. Questions on training will be removed from next year's survey.
  • Thom Straw to consider training or WEF session on page layout/visual aspects of web editing

Support suggestions: 


  • Dave Roberts will be our Mac support specialist for Contensis. Kick this off by meeting with regular Mac users to replicate then log any issues with Genetics.
  • Pilot chat sessions on web support site to see if they prove helpful for quick advice/fixes 
  • Consider SLAs for certain Service Desk call types
  • If fix will take significant time to complete then this should be scheduled in the diary and a note added to the call confirming when the fix will be completed
  • Run report on standard response times and compare then with similar teams to see how we compare

Thanks to everyone for their feedback! Obviously we are happy to receive feedback at any time of the year through the Web Editors Forum, IT Service Desk, by email and in person.

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