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Posted: Monday 20th June 2011

It's taken a while for this website to become a priority but finally we have some web support pages for users of Contensis CMS. These pages are currently a bit of a brain dump of all the information that may be useful to someone across campus but over the coming months we hope to improve on this and add further resources, training videos, proofs of concepts and anything else that you might find useful. 

Please feed back on any articles that are currently not clear enough and let us know what you would like to see on this site in the future. 

  • Jon Winterbourn (admin)
    1. At 12:11PM on 27 June 2011, Mr Jon Winterbourn (admin) wrote

    My test comment

  • Jon Winterbourn (admin)
    2. At 2:41PM on 27 June 2011, Mr Jon Winterbourn (admin) wrote

    Test comment 2

  • dave
    3. At 2:41PM on 28 January 2013, dave wrote

    more testing - twilight zone

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