Health and wellbeing 

Some health information is particularly relevant at the start of your studies.


Register with a local doctor

Though your home doctor (General Practitioner - GP) will still be able to offer you care as a temporary patient during vacations, it is important that you register with a doctor near where you live for most of the year.

Some GP practices have their own websites that allow you to pre-register online. You will need to go to the surgery to complete registration.

Zika virus

For information on the Zika virus, please see our Intranet site with helpful links provided by University Medical Officer, Dr. Vijay Raichura. 


There is a new vaccination programme for Meningitis, the MenACWY vaccination programme. All new students up to the age of 25 are strongly advised to get vaccinated before they leave for University and can access vaccination through your local GP.

Tetanus, polio, diphtheria, measles and rubella

We would encourage you to ask your GP if you are up to date with these immunisations and get boosters as necessary.

International students

The International Students Advisory Service (ISAS) provides advice on whether you can get free healthcare in the UK and how to find a doctor.

Sexual Health

For information and advice on sexual health, the following services may be helpful.


Eating well and exercising are good ways to ensure you look after yourself (both physically and psychologically). Why not have a look at our Get Cooking! website for some recipe ideas and find out what's available from the University sports centre to keep you active.

Get Cooking!

For some student-approved, healthy recipe ideas and budgeting tips, visit the Get Cooking website.

Keeping active

Keeping active has a direct bearing on both your mental and physical wellbeing. The University Sports Centre is the largest supplier of health and fitness opportunities in the region.


For information or advice about drugs, the following website may be helpful.

Support Services

There are a range of support services available both at the University and the Guild of Students. Visit the Support for Students website to find out the range of support available in an issues-based format. 

Self Help Guides

The University has produced a series of Self Help Guides in collaboration with the NHS, which provide practical advice and support for a range of issues that may affect your sense of wellbeing.

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