Making friends 

Students walking togetherUniversity gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons and meet new and exciting people. Put in the effort to get involved, and you may find you have made the friendships of a lifetime.

University  accommodation

Students tell us the people they meet first at university often become friends for life. If you are living in university accommodation, the group of people you share a flat with can be a great source of support, information, and fun.

If you need a little extra support, student advisers are available through the Student Mentor Scheme to help you with any issues, big or small. You can contact the Student Mentor Scheme by emailing

Course/induction sessions

Many students make friends within their discipline. Induction sessions held at the beginning of the year offer good opportunities to meet and get to know your peers, so make sure you attend your induction sessions as a priority. Look out for these on the Welcome events timetable.

Student societies

The Guild of Students offers over 200 student societies for everything from music to circus skills. Keep up a current interest or try something completely new!


The Student Mentors have created an app to help you make friends on Facebook before you arrive. Once you know where you'll be living, the Flatmate Finder App lets you find out who you'll be sharing your flat with, other students living in your block and coursemates who are living nearby.

The Student Mentor Scheme offers advice and guidance on a range of matter, so if you have any problems with your course, money, accommodation, wellbeing, or just fancy a chat, then contact the Student Mentors on


If you're interested in sport, Birmingham is a great place to be. With support and facilities for over 50 team and individual sports, you're bound to find a club to suit you.

Faith communities

Our multi-faith Chaplaincy offers you a space to meet other students in your faith community. They host a range of faith-based student societies as well as activities and events that cross faith and denominational boundaries.  The University Guild of Students also boasts a wide range of student-run faith and religious societies.

Student views

"Don't worry when you get to university, try and talk to everyone and anyone." 

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