Preparing to study

Students at a lectureMost students find that university study is different from school or college - you will be in charge of your own learning, do independent research, and be responsible for your own progress. The resources below will help you develop the skills you need to get the most out of this new way of learning.

How is university study different?

Students at the University talk about their experience of study here:

  • "University is all about being independent."
  • "The lecturers set you in the right direction and show you where to go, but it’s up to you to go and do the research."
  • "You’re given a broad outline of what’s required and it’s up to you to bring to it your own personal perspective and make the question your own and the research your own."
  • "You have to have the dedication to do it yourself."

Preparing for learning: why wait?

Although your course will require you to develop specific discipline and academic skills (which your School or Department will explain to you), you can begin to work on developing your study skills and effective learning skills now. 

Improving your English

The Birmingham International Academy (BIA) offers English language courses to help you improve your English both before and during your studies.

Study support at the University

Are you worried about coping with university-level study? The University has a wide range of study support on offer to help you make the most of your studies.

Resource lists

Your resource list will be supplied by your School/Department so if you haven't received one, we would recommend contacting them directly to check when this will be provided. 

Student Diary

Student Diaries will be disseminated to new undergraduate students by Schools and Departments (usually at induction sessions) to help you plan your study.

Returning and postgraduate students can purchase a student diary from Aston Webb reception (from August).

Student views

"One of the main things that helped me settle into university to begin with were the lectures I had in my first week."

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