Study spaces on campus

From large computer clusters to private group study zones, there’s a wide range of study spaces on campus which are open to students of all disciplines. Whether you need to study for exams, print a dissertation, or just relax between classes, this handy guide provides all the details you will need to make the most of the spaces available.

Each of these spaces has its own characteristics - some are small and quiet, others are larger and busier. Trying a variety should enable you to find a space that best suits your needs at particular times.

The Main Library

The Main Library (R22 - Edgbaston Campus) is open 24/7 during term time. More information about the opening hours for the Main Library and other campus libraries, including the Orchard Learning Resource Centre at the Selly Oak campus and the Shakespeare Institute Library at Stratford-upon-Avon, is available from Library Services.

Late opening study spaces

There are a number of other study spaces which are open late for all students:

  • The Murray Learning Centre (R28 - Edgbaston campus) 
  • Nuffield Building (R9 - Edgbaston campus) 
  • Strathcona Building (R18 - Edgbaston campus) 
  • The Aston Webb Student Hub Study Lounge (R7 - Edgbaston campus)

Visit our Cluster opening times page to see current opening hours. Some study spaces are restricted to students from particular Schools outside of office hours - check the Cluster opening times or speak to your School if you are unsure.

Study spaces map

 study-spaces-thumbnailFor a map of study spaces, download the study spaces map PDF (783 KB) or view our  interactive campus map selecting the 'Learning and Teaching - Computer Room' category. 



PC Availability

 Visit the PC Availability page to find a free PC at some of the most popular locations on campus online.

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