Challenges of being a mature student

Being a mature student, you are likely to have more life experience than the majority of students. Whatever your background you will be able to draw on your previous experiences and achievements in this new pursuit, however there are likely to be challenges to face.

Extracurricular responsibilities

Many mature students have responsibilities other than their university work to consider. Whether it's work, children or a relationship, you will probably have more of a juggling act to do than other students. 

  • Being realistic about how much time each of your commitments will take up will make planning your university work around them easier. 


Mature students often already have financial commitments and so may have less disposable income than other students. 

Make sure you take advantage of all of the funding entitlements available to you and keep in touch with the University if you are experiencing financial problems.

Engaging in the student community

Engagement in the student community is an important part of being a student. It will help you to be able to discuss course work, assignments and the nuances of your course with your peers, as well as being able to talk about your experiences with others in the same situation. 

This may not be as easy as a mature student, as you are less likely to be surrounded by other students in the same way (e.g. by living in student accommodation), but do get involved in the student community in whatever way is possible for you. 

It may also help you to get to know some other mature students, as some are likely to be facing similar challenges to you. 

Meet other mature students before you begin your studies.  

Meet other mature students throughout the year. 

Previous academic experience

Some mature students experience problems because their previous learning experiences are different to the enquiry-based learning style at the University. 

You can familiarise yourself with the learning style at the University using our online facilities.

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