Students with children

We estimate that there are around 6% of students at the University of Birmingham who have children. The University of Birmingham welcomes students with children and recognises it is an exciting and challenging experience being both a parent and a student.

Student groups

Student Parents and Carers' Association

The Student Parents and Carers' Association is a student run group that offers support and advice to students who are also parents or carers. 

Postgraduate and Mature Students' Association (PGMSA)

The PGMSA is a student-led organisation that works for the interests of mature and postgraduate students. They assist with welfare and housing needs and hold social events.

Provision across the University  identified for students with children

Details are provided about the current services available for students with children across the University.  These have been agreed following engagement with academic services and colleges.

Library services

Library services users may, at the discretion of the Director of Library Services, bring children with them into the library. 

Currently there are not any dedicated parent and child facilities in any of the site libraries. However, in both the existing and new library building, there is a “first aid/rest room”, which could be used for changing and/or breast feeding if required.

College of Social Sciences

There is a room in J G Smith comprising a settee and a fridge specifically for nursing and expectant mothers. The contact to access the room is Donna Willmetts,

College of Medical and Dental Sciences

There is a dedicated space provided for parent and child facilities.

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

There are no specific facilities for children, however there is one dedicated rest room with a chair, small fridge and baby changing facility located in Physics West, 1st floor, room 129, next to the ladies toilets. This is provided for staff but, at the discretion of the Head of College, could be used by pregnant or breast feeding students.

One or two other buildings have a lockable shower room or other facility that might also be used as a private space for expressing milk, etc. If a pregnant or nursing mother at work needs access to such a space within EPS, it is advisable to speak to the local school health and safety coordinator to discuss arrangements.

College of Arts and Law

There are baby change facilities on the ground floor of the Arts building.  When entering the building from the main entrance, turn right and go through the automatic doors.  The baby change is then a few doors down on the left.

Further general information

Children must always be fully supervised by the parent or guardian. Unless they are students of the University or members of staff, or are attending the University on duly authorised visits or activities, children are prohibited from entering laboratories, workshops and other premises which present particular hazards or contain fragile or valuable equipment.

Further support

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