Making the most of Welcome events

From social events to study skills workshops, arts and culture to health and wellbeing events, there is a lot more to Welcome Week than nights out. 

Here are some hints and tips to help you make the most of your Welcome experience.

Get involved

Getting involved with the wide range of activities happening at the start of term will help you to find out more about the University and your course, settle in and find your way around our campus, as well as being a great way of making friends.

Use the Welcome events timetable to check when the induction session for your course is taking place and when the Vice-Chancellor's Welcome Address for your College is - it's important you prioritise these key events over optional activities to ensure that you don't miss any important information.


Staying safe around campus and when you're on nights out is of paramount importance. Visit these websites for advice and tips for keeping yourself safe:

The crime rate on campus is relatively low but if you should ever require help or assistance when you're on or around campus, security staff are available 24 hours a day.


The University offers an inclusive social programme, including events that are either alcohol-free or events where alcohol is available but is not the focus of the activity. Events may include afternoon teas, BBQs, film, pizza and 'mocktail' (non-alcoholic cocktail) nights. So if you don't drink or if you just want a change from club nights there are lots of great options available to you.

If you go to an event where alcohol is available, don't forget a night out is best if you can remember it the next day, so please drink responsibly.

UB Safe have produced an Alcohol Awareness video for students.

If want to learn more about what the current guidelines for safe limits are, or if you are worried about your drinking or a friend's drinking, you may be interested in our Alcohol and You Self Help Guide which is free to download at any time.


We know that managing your money can be a challenge when you start university, particularly when there are lots of social events you want to attend.

  • Remember not all social events are chargeable; many are free to attend. Check the event descriptions for costs.
  • Use the budget planner in your Student Diary to work out what you have coming in and how much you can afford to spend.
  • Consider having a night in watching a film or having dinner with your friends instead of going out - your friends will probably be glad of the opportunity to do something different.
  • It's likely you'll spend more money during Welcome Week in comparison with an average week at University so you might want to consider saving up some extra spending money over the summer.
  • Visit the Managing your money webpage for more advice.

Visit the Events Timetable from August for full details of all of the events being run across the University during Welcome Week.

Be aware of unofficial Freshers accounts on social media websites. These are often created by club promoters and can deliver false information. 

Student Diary

Don't forget to use your Student Diary (which new undergraduate students will receive during their induction sessions) to check important dates and manage your time effectively during Welcome Week and throughout the year.

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