Chocolate and the Quaker capitalists: Britain's lost heritage

University House Main Lecture Theatre - G12
Thursday 17th January 2013 (17:30-18:30)
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At the height of the industrial revolution there were 74 Quaker banks in Britain, one for every large city, including Lloyd’s of Birmingham and Barclays of London. 200 Quaker companies shaped Britain’s industrial progress: Clark, and K in shoes, Cadbury, Fry and Rowntree in chocolate, Huntley and Palmer in biscuits, and many other household names. Guided by centuries of religious thinking, the Quaker capitalists forged a new path through our industrial landscape, pioneered social reforms and transformed our business culture.

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This talk examines the far reaching impact of Quaker capitalism with particular reference to the transformation of Cadbury in the mid-19th century from a loss making firm to the largest confectionary company in the world. The guiding principles and their impact on society will be explored. Finally it will be asked what can be learned from this remarkable business heritage today and can Quaker principles be translated into our current economy?