Induction events

Step 1 - Course inductions

All courses at the University have an induction programme delivered by the relevant department. If you have entered your course code but can't see course induction events below, please contact your School or Department for details.

Step 2 - University-wide Welcome events

Looking for other events to get to know the University?  We have a wide range of events for you during your first weeks. Take a look at our Welcome Schedule (but make sure you make time for your course induction). 

You can see relevant University-wide events by selecting the most appropriate category for you.

Welcome Schedule 

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Undergraduate Civil Engineering Welcome Week activities

Undergraduate Civil Engineering Welcome Week activities
23/09/2016 (09:30) - 22/09/2017 (12:30)
Collaborative Teaching Lab Mechanical and Civil Engineering Building (Y3)
Induction/Welcome Week activities for Civil Engineering students - 1st year students only
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