Parents' Welcome Address (Saturday 15:00)

Great Hall - Aston Webb (R6 on campus map)
Saturday 19th September 2015 (15:00-16:00)

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We warmly invite you to attend one of the Parents' Welcome Addresses, led by Professor Jeff Bale (Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Education), which will be held during Arrivals Weekend.

Bookings for this event will open at the end of August following the allocation of accommodation move-in slots. Attendance is free but due to demand, there is a limit of three bookings allowed per customer.           

The event is designed to give the family and friends of new students an insight into university life and supply information about the services and support the University offers to its students.

Due to the focus of the talk and the capacity of the hall, the Parents' Welcome Addresses are not open for student registration. However, we warmly welcome students to either attend the parallel Guild & Campus tours that will be run by the Guild of Students or visit the Welcome Marquee that will also be held on campus at this time.