Modules Outside the Main Discipline (MOMD) registration

Great Hall, Aston Webb Building
Thursday 25th September 2014 (10:30-15:30)
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Students on certain programmes are required to take an MOMD - Module Outside the Main Discipline. A wide range of options across the subjects taught at the University is available for you to choose from. 

You must attend this registration event if you are required to register for an MOMD as part of your programme.

If you have already chosen your desired module(s) you simply need to fill out a form available at the event. If you would like to explore your choices further, representatives from each department will be on hand to give you more information on the modules they offer.

Note for Chemistry and Computer Science students

Single Honours Chemistry and Computer Science programmes generally allow you to take an MOMD. However, students with no A-level Maths (or a grade below C) and some Chemistry with Study Abroad students are ineligible. Your School will let you know whether you are able to register for MOMDs.