Transport in Birmingham

There are plenty of ways to get around the campuses and into the city centre.

Sustainable travel

The University has a Sustainable Travel Plan in place to help reduce the amount of carbon emissions being generated through commuting. However you travel to the University whether you walk, cycle, use public transport, car share or drive there is a wide range of initiatives, guidance and information as outlined within the University's Sustainable Travel Plan to increase your travel choice and help support you to plan your own personal sustainable travel journey. 

Events are held on campus throughout the year such as Cycle Roadshows which provide FREE bike maintenance, personal cycle lessons and security tagging. 

For information, queries or advice on Sustainable Travel please contact the University's Sustainable Travel Coordinator or visit the Sustainable Travel website


The University offers a range of initiatives/benefits for those who cycle.

  • Free Dr Bike service check for students. Urban Cycles are on campus 4 days a week providing free bike maintenance checks and can be found in Staff House Square.
  • The Green Bike Project is a volunteer run bicycle workshop located on the University campus. The workshop enables you to learn how to maintain your bike and provides tools for its members to use to do this. They also sell secondhand bikes and hold events on cycling.
  • Free cycling lessons and bike maintenance classes for students ran on campus by BikeRight.
Public transport

The University has its own train station, and a number of bus routes go from the University into and around Birmingham.

Selly Shuttle Bus

The Selly Shuttle Bus travels regularly between Selly Oak Campus and Edgbaston Campus.

Driving and parking

When considering travel behaviour it is important to be realistic and for some travelling by car really is the only option. If it is necessary for you to drive to the University then please consider car sharing to minimise your impact. UB Liftshare enables students to search for potential matches with like minded people and car share more easily. 

Car sharing has many benefits; not only is it good for the environment and helps to reduce traffic congestion, but it is good for your wallet too!

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Sustainable travel

Find out how you can walk, cycle, car share or use public transport on our sustainable travel pages.