Postgraduate students

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Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs)

The University Graduate School’s (UGS) mission is to support postgraduate researchers throughout their research life at the University of Birmingham in order to help them become innovative individuals with diverse skills to succeed globally in academic and non-academic careers. The UGS acts as a gateway to information for postgraduate researchers on funding, University regulations, and administrative processes, as well as academic and social opportunities for development. The Westmere Hub (G15 on campus map) provides a collaborative and interdisciplinary space for postgraduate researchers where they can meet fellow postgraduate researchers. Our five Westmere Scholars, who are current postgraduate researchers, work closely with our PGR Community Engagement Officer to organise researcher development and community building activities at the Hub during the main Welcome period and throughout the year. This includes wellbeing activities (e.g. yoga, mindfulness workshops), social events (e.g. the PGR Ball, Movie Night) and developmental events (e.g. Research Across Campus).

Welcome and induction for PGRs

The University Graduate School run monthly inductions to welcome postgraduate researchers joining the University at different times of the year. These induction activities will give you the opportunity to meet other postgraduate researchers, key PGR support staff, as well as find out about the resources available to you within the University.

What our PGRs say about Welcome

“It’s been good to feel I belong to a group and there is lots of support”

“Great to network/meet other PGRs”

“Fantastic advice and guidance”

Postgraduate research life

Postgraduate taught students (PGTs)

Welcome and induction activities for PGT students are arranged directly by your programme and School. If you haven't received information about this, you may want to contact your school or department directly to find out what's happening.

A day in the life of one of our postgraduate (taught) students

Find out what it's actually like being a postgraduate taught student at the University.

Help and contacts

Need help or have a question? Check out our student help page.

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