Problems accessing registration

Username and password

You will receive your username and password in your registration email, which will be sent to you from 11 July 2016.

Accessing online registration on the Student Portal

Registration needs to be completed by visiting the my.bham student portal located at . You need to log in using the username and password that you have received in the registration letter contained in your registration pack.

To access the registration pages within my.bham:

  • click the ‘My Programme’ tab
  • click on the ‘Online Registration’ folder
  • click on the ‘Registration’ link
  • follow the instructions on the web page.

The Online Registration Main Menu is split into ten easy-to-follow stages.  You can click on the link to each of the stages and check, enter and amend the information currently held about you.  Please view our step-by-step guide for help on how to fill in each of the stages of online registration.

Special arrangements for disabilities

Special arrangements can be made for students who, due to a disability, cannot register online.  Students who fall into this category should contact the registration helpline on 0121 414 9009.

Technical problems

If you experience any problems with the Web Registration process (including lost or forgotten usernames and passwords) please view our FAQs and contact us online.

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