Who should register and benefits of registration

Who should register?

  • New and returning students
    The University of Birmingham requires all of its students to register annually. You must register online for each year of your programme of study.
  • Postgraduate Researchers
    Postgraduate Researchers in writing up need to re-register each year. They are also strongly encouraged to check and update their details in Sections 1-4 (Personal, Address, Emergency contact and Programme details).
  • Students on a year abroad or placement
    You must register with the University even though you will not be studying on campus. Register as soon as possible to make sure you have access to the University’s online facilities.
    If you do not register you may not be covered by the University’s insurance policy for students studying abroad.  This could threaten the exchange agreement between the University of Birmingham and the university you are studying with.
  • American loan recipient (Federal and private loans)
    Students who have followed the guidance on the {Student Support and Development} website to apply for a Federal or private loan only need to complete sections 1-8 of registration.  50% of your tuition fee is automatically credited from each of your loan disbursements; therefore you do not need to enter any funding information. 

Benefits of registration

Only once you are registered will you officially be a ‘student’ of the University and entitled to use the services that the University has to offer.

You also need to be registered with the University to:

  • attend your programme of study
  • collect your University ID card
  • receive your loan from the Student Loans Company or funding from a sponsor or awarding body
  • qualify for council tax exemption (full-time students only)
  • participate in Guild of Students activities.

What are you signing up to?

Part of the registration process includes agreeing to abide by the statutes and regulations of the University and it’s important that students read through the following:

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