Registration: confirmation screen


The registration confirmation page is proof that you have completed online registration successfully.

What do I need the Registration Confirmation page for?

You should print off or note down the details on the Registration Confirmation page because it contains important information about you and your studies. You can also give it to staff during registration to get your new ID card.

Do I need to print it straight away?

You can come back and view/print these details at any time after registration.

My programme fee does not appear

Common reasons for a programme fee not appearing include:

  • you are a home or EU student on a programme wholly funded by the NHS
  • you are a student on a Year Abroad at a European Union institution under Erasmus Scheme
  • the fee for the programme is being calculated by the number of modules taken.  If this is the case then please view our FAQs and contact us online.

Need more help?

Please view our FAQs and contact us online if you need any more information on registration.

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