Registration: declaration and registration


Students must agree to the declaration in order to complete online registration. 

By agreeing to the declaration you are agreeing to abide by the rules and practices under which the University is run. The University must also abide by these when dealing with you.

The full text of the Declaration of Registration is provided for you below:

The University’s updated Legislation comes into effect each year on 1st August.
If you are a re-registering student you should note that you will be covered by the University Legislation (including Codes of Practice) for 2013/14 until the date on which your programme of study for the 2014/15 session commences, or 1st August 2014, whichever is the sooner. From that date you will be covered by the Legislation for the 2014/15 session.

Please read this page carefully.  Once you have agreed to the Declaration you will have registered with the University of Birmingham for the 2014/15 academic year.  Please refer to the step-by-step guide for more information.

Registration of the Student

Read the following declaration carefully.  You cannot become a registered student of the University until you have read and ticked to say that you agree with the declaration.  

The declaration statement provides links through to the web pages for the University Charter, Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations, and Codes of Practice (including the Conditions and Use of Computing and Network Facilities) of the University so that you can view these in full before agreeing to the declaration.


As part of Online Registration, I have checked and amended where required my Personal Details, Addresses, Emergency Details, Programme Details, Further Details and Data Sharing Agreements and Financial Sponsor Details.  I have also read and understood the University Charter, Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations, and Codes of Practice paying particular attention to the regulations on Attendance and Academic Duty, Conduct, Discipline and Fitness to Practise.As a Registered Student you will be required to produce your University Identity Card when asked to do so by a member of University Staff.  Failure to disclose identity (i.e. your name, Student ID number, your address and Principal Academic Unit at the University) to a member of staff of the University in circumstances in which it is reasonable to require that such information be given shall be deemed a breach of Section 5.2.10 of the University Regulations and action will be taken in line with Section 8.2.1 of the University Regulations.I declare that the information that I have given as part of Online Registration is true and complete and, being admitted to be a student of the University of Birmingham, promise to obey the University Charter, Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations, and Codes of Practice (including the Conditions and Use of Computing and Network Facilities), to submit to discipline, and uphold its honour and credit to the best of my ability, both while as a student and, if admitted to a degree, as a graduate.  

I agree to the University of Birmingham processing my personal data obtained as part of Online Registration, or other data that the University may obtain from me or other sources.  I agree to the processing if such data for any purposes connected with my studies, my health and safety, or for any other legitimate reason and to the publication of my degree classification at the end of my studies.  I understand that these data will be stored in manual and electronic files and is subject to the Data Protection Act and will be used for statutory reporting including the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA), for more information please see  I understand that my University email address (ending will be listed in the University’s Email Directory which is made available to all students and staff.  

I understand that my academic data may be disclosed to organizations acting as my sponsor.  I understand my assessments may be shared with Northumbria Learning as part of the University’s requirement to maintain academic integrity.Neither the student nor the University shall be liable to each other for failure or delay in performing obligations if failure is due to any cause beyond that party’s control e.g. war, national emergency, terrorism, acts of God, government restrictions, industrial action or unforeseen closure of the University.In accordance with the requirements of S22(3) Education Act 1994 the University have issued a Student Code of Practice which is available at  

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