Registration: further details and data sharing agreements

Opt out tick boxes

On this page you can opt out of sharing your sensitive personal data with the Guild of Students, from sharing your information with our multi-faith Chaplaincy or from participating in wider surveys.

Guild of Students

Upon registering at the University, you agree to become a member of the Guild of Students unless you choose to opt out. The Guild of Students would like to communicate with you via your University email and via The Guilds’ website regarding your membership rights (e.g. notice of general meetings, referenda and election of officer and trustees). The Guild may also send you marketing materials that they consider may be of interest to you. The Guild will ask you for your consent to contact you electronically, when you register at The Guild website

Sensitive personal data sharing

In order to be able to provide you with a better student experience, the Guild of Students (The Guild) would also like to be provided with certain sensitive personal data about you from the University. The data that will be provided will be as follows: ethnicity, sexuality, religion and disability (“Sensitive Data”). The Guild will be using this data for statistical analysis in order that The Guild can understand its members better and therefore provide its members with communications that may be relevant and of interest to you. If you are happy for the University to provide the Guild of Students with your Sensitive Data, please tick the box below to indicate your consent. The University will not share your Sensitive Data with the Guild of Students if you do not tick the box to indicate that you consent to them doing so.  


Tick the box if you do not want to receive information from the University's multi-faith Chaplaincy. 

Religious choice

If you have chosen to receive information from the Chaplaincy, you should specify your religious choice here.


Your contact details may be passed to survey contractors to carry out surveys on behalf of a number of education organisations, or to agents acting on their behalf to carry out their public functions connected with education in the UK. Your contact details will be used for that purpose only and will then be deleted.  If you do not wish to share your contact details for this purpose you should tick the box.

Need more help?

Please view our FAQs and contact us online if you need any more information on registration.

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