Registration: personal details

This page asks you for your personal details and allows you to declare a disability so that the University can agree any necessary support with you.

Support for students with children or caring responsibilities

On this page you will be asked if you have any dependents (children, other relatives or friends).  If you are a student with children or caring responsibilities, please complete the "Dependents" question.  This information will help the University to develop events and services to support students who are parents or carers.

Changing your personal details

Some details, like your name and date of birth, will already be in the system for you. If these have changed or are incorrect, you’ll need to provide proof to our Enquiry Services in order to change these details, even if they were a mistake made at the time of your application. 

Need more help?

Please view our FAQs and contact us online if you need any more information on registration.

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