Registration: Upload ID card picture & documents

This page allows you to upload images in support of your registration with the University of Birmingham.  You can upload a photo to be used on your University ID card and upload copies of your passport and visa.  You will not be able to register until you have uploaded a copy of your passport.

Visit our Student Help pages for support with uploading your photo and documents, including guidelines on what makes an acceptable photo.

Getting your ID card

  • UK students starting their course on 26 September 2016
    To receive your ID card in the post, you need to register and upload a photo by 12.00 (noon) on 6 September 2016. Your ID card should arrive within three weeks of your completing your registration.
    If you register later than 8 September, you can pick up your ID card during Welcome Week (17-23 September 2016). 
  • EU and international students starting their course on 26 September 2016
    Your ID card will be available for collection during Welcome Week (17 - 23 September 2016).
  • All students starting their course at another time of the year
    Once you have completed registration you will need to contact us online asking for your ID card to be printed.

Need more help?

Please view our FAQs and contact us online if you need any more information on registration.

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