Registration: financial sponsor details

You should only fill out this page if an organisation is paying for some or all of your tuition fee. Friends, relatives and bank loans don't count as financial sponsors.

Scholarship or bursary

If the organisation providing you with the scholarship or bursary pays you the money directly then you don’t need to tell us – simply pay your fees once you receive the money. If the organisation requires an invoice then they’ll be classed as a sponsor and you’ll need to enter their details into this section.  If your scholarship or bursary comes from your School or Department then please enter this information into the ‘Sponsor Name’ field and provide the account code from your School/Department into the ‘Reference Number’ field.

Incorrect sponsor details

If you've entered in your sponsor details incorrectly, or the details need to be changed for any other reason, you'll need to contact the Web Registration team.

Finding your sponsor's postcode

All UK addresses have a postcode and it’s important we have this recorded.  You could either contact the sponsor to find out what their postcode is or find the postcode on the Royal Mail website.

Need more help?

Please view our FAQs and contact us online if you need any more information on registration.

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