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Online Registration

In order for you to be able to continue to study, access facilities and support, it is essential that you complete Online Registration as soon as possible. This process will confirm your status as a continuing student at the University of Birmingham.

How to register

You will need your University Username, Password and Student ID Number to complete Online Registration.

To register, please visit the student ‘my.bham’ portal at the following address: Enter your login details and then click on the ‘My Programme’ tab. From here click the Online Registration link, where you will be taken to begin the registration process. 

Updating your information

It is essential that we have up-to-date contact information for you, so please ensure that you carefully check/amend your contact details (phone numbers, emails and addresses) when completing Online Registration. 

You also have the opportunity through Online Registration to amend/update your communications preferences from the University and the Guild of Students. It is your responsibility to keep these details and preferences up-to-date via – you can do this at any time throughout the year.

New requirements for 2016

The University is required to provide evidence to external organisations that it has checked that each student has the right to study in the UK. To do this the University needs to check each student's nationality and immigration status independently of any checks carried out at the point of admission.

All new and returning students must now upload a copy of the biometrics page of their passport at the point of registration.

Finance information

You need to let us know during Online Registration how your tuition fee will be funded - you can confirm your tuition fee cost online. It is important that (where applicable) you have payment information to hand when you register online.

For budgeting hints and tips and other useful information, check out Financial advice and support from Funding, Graduation and Awards. 

Getting help

A step-by-step guide to registration is available. If you experience any problems you can contact our Registration Helpline online or by phone on 0121 414 9009.

Replacement ID cards

Replacement ID cards can be purchased from the Aston Webb Student Hub. However, there are instances when we can replace your ID card free of charge, for example if your card was stolen and you can provide a crime reference number.

Key dates

Key dates are available on the list of key dates webpage.

Second year mathematics and philosophy student "The hustle and bustle of campus makes it harder to get around, but it's nice to experience the excitement of a new term without the feelings of confusion of a first year."

Health and Wellbeing

If you didn't get round to registering with a GP (doctor) in first year, now is the time to do so. You can find a GP using the NHS website - some will allow you to pre-register online. It's always better to register with a GP before you need them

If you haven't already had the Men ACWY vaccine, speak to your GP about getting it. Further information about meningitis and other health concerns is available on our Health and Wellbeing page.


Visit the support for students website to find out more about the support services available to you.

A week in the life of one of our current students

Find out what it's actually like being a current student at the University.

Student profile - differences between first and second year


Name: Lottie Rainbow

Programme: B.A. English with Creative Writing

School: English, Drama and American & Canadian Studies

We asked a returning student to share her reflections of her first and second years studying at Birmingham.

Workload: I don’t feel like the second year workload has been a big, scary step up. Obviously the standard of your knowledge and analytical skills should be improving so it is harder in that sense, but it wasn’t as scary as I’d anticipated. I think most courses have fewer contact hours in second year, so it’s all about balance and time management. For example, trying to go to bed at a similar time each night and getting up at the same time every morning on week days (even if you don’t have to be anywhere until the afternoon) really helps. Getting into a good routine and being organised will make second year life a lot easier. Also, it’s easy to procrastinate with friends, so I would suggest going to the library to revise if you’re struggling to get work done elsewhere. 

Social life: First year has quite a lot of emphasis on meeting new people, partying and getting involved with so many different things that sometimes it is hard to focus on studying. This pressure is lifted in second year because everyone is more settled. My experience of second year is that although everyone wants to stay in contact and see each other, everyone tends to split off into separate groups. It is more important to plan and arrange fun things with others to keep the buzz of first year nightlife alive, while at the same time not feeling like you have to be doing stuff all the time – giving you more time to focus on uni work.

Accommodation: Last summer I was really looking forward to second year, more so than first year, because you have all the same excitement without the nerves and uncertainty of being in a completely new place with completely new people. In particular, I couldn’t wait to be living with my four best friends that I made in first year and the experience has been exactly as I expected – amazing! Obviously, there may be times with the odd disagreement but it’s very rare and I have never laughed so much, or felt so happy. 

Future plans: I have loved both years at university and can’t believe how quickly they have flown by! It is both exciting and incredibly sad to know it will all be over in a year. I loved first year but I have loved second year even more – I feel more at home in Birmingham and at the uni, and feel as though I appreciate being here so much more now. I’ve also managed to get three weeks work experience over the summer at a PR company at home and I’m so excited about it. Things may get harder but they also get better – remember that anything worth doing may not be easy, but what would be the point otherwise?



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