January 2018:
Focus on boards and governance
Our latest newsletter highlights HSMC’s work on boards and governance, with particular reference to a two-year study Responses to Francis: changes in board leadership and governance in acute hospitals in England since 2013 that was undertaken by a team from the Universities of Manchester and Birmingham, together with the Nuffield Trust.
This newly published research explored whether leadership by boards had changed within NHS hospitals since Sir Robert Francis QC published his report of the Public Inquiry into the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust five years ago.

Our new report sets out findings from a national survey of all NHS hospital board members in England, and case study research in six hospital trusts, including interviews and focus group discussions with patient, staff and board representatives, a survey of ward and departmental managers, and observations of board meetings. It builds on prior work on NHS boards and governance undertaken by the research team, including a study of the links between board and organisational culture, and care quality and safety.

This bulletin provides an introduction to our research and development activity at HSMC in relation to healthcare boards and governance, and there is more information, including details of HSMC’s teaching and leadership programmes, available on our website.
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HSMC on boards: research and events
NHS hospital boards: caught on the horns of a dilemma?
NHS boards have a statutory duty to ensure quality and safety in their organisation, but there is a dearth of research evidence as to how best to do this and the effectiveness of different board practices. Following a two-year study into the ways in which hospital boards responded to the Francis Inquiry Report, Judith Smith and Russell Mannion summarise the results and key recommendations of the study.
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Getting hospital boards on board with patient safety
Russell Mannion and Ross Millar highlight key findings from a three year research project investigating the linkages between hospital board governance and patient safety processes and clinical outcomes. This study was based on the collection and analysis of national quantitative patient safety data across all hospitals in England and in-depth ethnographic case studies.
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Event: Improving the role of NHS boards in quality improvement
(13 February 2018, 12:00-14:00)
A limited, but growing literature indicates that boards of health care organisations have an important role in leading and overseeing quality and safety. In her seminar presentation, Naomi Fulop will present insights from a programme of work on the role of NHS Trust boards in governing quality improvement.
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