November 2017: Focus on Teaching
Welcome to the Health Services Management Centre (HSMC) newsletter.
The purpose of this edition is to reflect on the exciting range of learning and teaching activities currently being undertaken at HSMC.
Given the current financial and workforce pressures facing health systems across the globe, never has there been a more pressing time than now to promote and embed knowledge and learning about how to improve the organisation and delivery of health and care services.

The Health Services Management Centre (HSMC) is one of the UK’s leading centres for teaching and professional development to health and social care agencies. With its mission to strengthen the leadership and management of health services, HSMC looks to bridge divides between academic study and the worlds of policy and practice. It draws on skills and expertise of its staff to deliver research-informed teaching and development for NHS and international healthcare systems.

This bulletin provides an overview of current teaching and learning activities available through HSMC. These are in addition to the national programmes that we deliver on behalf of the NHS Leadership Academy and Public Health England.
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Summary of recent developments
Postgraduate courses in Health Policy and Management
HSMC provide a range of postgraduate courses studying Health Policy and Management. Ranging from PG Cert, PG Dip and MSc, these courses provide the building blocks for learning and development regarding the key issues and debates concerning policy and management in relation to Integration, Quality and Safety, Priority Setting, Decision Making, Patients, and Communities throughout these programmes. The courses also have a specialist option in Quality and Service Improvement for those interested in developing and deepening understanding in these areas.

By the end of these courses participants develop key skills in the use of evidence, the nurturing of originality and critical thinking, and the ability to connect theory to practice. The feedback regarding the learning experience is a positive one, with the recent Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey suggesting 88% of our students were satisfied with the course. Other highlights from the survey included:
- 94% stating the courses are intellectually stimulating
- 94% stating the courses have challenged them to produce their best work
- 100% stating staff are good at explaining things
- 100% stating the learning materials provided were useful.

We welcome applications from a range of experiences and backgrounds: from those looking to develop and progress their careers to those interested in learning about different healthcare systems. Participants can study full-time or part-time. For more information please visit our website.
Degree Apprenticeships in Management and Leadership
Degree apprenticeships have been announced by the Government as an innovative approach to funding workforce education and development. Within these new arrangements, many NHS organisations are able to access funding from the apprenticeship levy.

This is a new and emerging agenda that provides the NHS with a number of opportunities to grow and develop its workforce. HSMC are currently working with NHS organisations to develop degree apprenticeship opportunities in the areas of health management and leadership.

If you are interested in degree apprenticeships and would like to discuss these further please contact Dr Ross Millar.
Intercalated Degree in Healthcare Management and Leadership
As a medical or dentistry student, you may choose to take a year out from your medical course and study on one of the University's intercalated Bachelor in Medical Science degree programmes. During this year you will specialise in a particular subject, acquire skills in analysing and interpreting research papers and also gain substantial, direct experience of novel research.

HSMC deliver a Health Management & Leadership (HML) degree as part of the Population Sciences and Humanities (POSH) intercalated programme. The course consists of three specialist modules (health services management, leadership & change management; improving quality & patient safety), research methods module, research project design, and a research project.

HML has an exciting blend of research-active lecturers, external guest speakers and case-study visits. Assessments are varied: short and long essays, and team presentations.

Recent students have described the course as:
- "interesting, engaging, challenging"
- "stimulating, rewarding, useful"
- "relevant, engaging, fascinating".

Lucy Cuckow, one of our intercalated students, reflects on her experience of the course in a recently published article in Student BMJ.

For further details or an informal chat please contact the course director Professor Mark Exworthy.
21st century healthcare: Assessing the challenges and futures for health organisation and management
HSMC along with the Centre for Health Innovation, Leadership and Learning (CHILL) at the University of Nottingham have been awarded Education Partnership Funding to develop an introductory course for medical and healthcare undergraduates to better understand the complex systems of care organisation and delivery within which their careers will develop.

Responding to current debates regarding medical education both centres will produce an online set of resources to introduce key concepts and debates regarding healthcare management, financing and organisation, including the reorganisation of services, resource allocation, and priority setting. It will also introduce the wider social, economic and political factors influencing healthcare services as well as develop practical knowledge and transferable skills to inform frontline clinical practice and clinical leadership.

For further information please contact Dr Ross Millar
New BSc in Public Health programme launching in 2018-2019
HSMC will be contributing to a new undergraduate degree in Public Health. The BSc in Public Health will start in 2018-2019 and aims to take a multi-disciplinary approach to studying topics such as global challenges, epidemiology, physical and mental health, health protection, and the wider determinants of health. For further information please see the course website.
Gender and Sexual Diversity: international and interdisciplinary approaches to LGBTQ+ identities
Dr Nicola Gale, from HSMC, and Dr Nicki Ward from the Department of Social Work and Social Care have been conducting pedagogical research over the last 3 years on how to make our teaching and learning spaces in higher education more inclusive of LGBTQ people (both staff and students) and have produced a best practice guide.

As part of their ongoing work they have developed a Widening Horizons module, which is available for first year undergraduates to take as a module outside their main discipline. The module will advance students’ knowledge and awareness of issues relating to gender and sexual diversity and people who identify as LGBTQ+. Through a series of lectures, learning set discussions and self-guided learning activities, students will develop an awareness of the socio-political and historical constructions which have contributed to societal understanding of gender and sexual diversity. It is running this year with 100 undergraduate students, and is also engaging postgraduate researchers (PhD students) who are supporting the learning sets.

For further information please contact Dr Nicola Gale

HSMC News and Events
Brexit: Birmingham, Britain and beyond (7 November)
What implications will Brexit have for your health, your job and ultimately your future? In this exciting event, you'll be taken on a journey of discovery, through six snappy presentations exploring the implications of Brexit for Birmingham, Britain and beyond. HSMC's Professor Mark Exworthy will be one of the speakers.
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Managing public services in times of austerity (8 November)
Senior practitioners from the NHS, police, education and local authorities will give their assessment of the ways in which non-traditional strategies to manage public service finances are being deployed: in an event organised by HSMC for the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences.
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Autumn Budget briefing (27 November)
In a joint event run by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and HSMC, Anita Charlesworth, Chief Economist at The Health Foundation and Honorary Professor at the University of Birmingham, will share her analysis of the Autumn Budget and set out the likely implications for health and social care funding and delivery, public services and the economy more generally. There will be further assessments from Margaret Ashton-Gray, Head of Finance for Social Care at Birmingham City Council, as well as a healthcare finance representative (tbc). The briefing, chaired by HSMC Director Professor Judith Smith, will take place under the Chatham House rule. It is aimed primarily at Chief Executives, Chairs and Finance Directors of NHS/Foundation Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, and Local Authorities.
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