Core modules: Academic English and Study Skill

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Students taking the core English route during the foundation year will study one of two modules, based on their current English Language proficiency.

You will be assessed prior to the start of the foundation programme, ensuring you are placed on the most appropriate module to ensure you develop your English language and academic writing skills.

Academic English and Study Skills: IELTS

This 40-credit module will equip you with the English required for academic study at undergraduate level. It will help you to acquire key academic vocabulary and to master key academic grammatical structures. The module will also help you to develop the necessary skills for reading academic texts and writing academic assignments. It will enable you to perform successfully across all modules of the Foundation Academy programme, as well as preparing you for study in your future undergraduate programme. 

Advanced Academic English and Study Skills: IELTS 6.5 - 7.0 

This 40-credit module will prepare you for the academic demands of your future undergraduate programme, where you will be expected to employ an efficient and effective learning style. It will enable you to deepen your understanding of how texts are constructed and it will also help you to develop your critical thinking skills. Through class discussions, debates and individual presentations, you will improve your fluency and command of the English language.

If you are a native or near-native English language speaker with an IELTS score of 7.5 overall or above (or equivalent) you take replace the Academic English and Study Skills modules with Advanced Academic Skills