Social Sciences

Strengthening our already considerable involvement in China is currently a priority for the College. The School of Economics and Business have had strong links for a considerable period and recently the Schools of Government and Society and Social Policy have entered into new and extended Agreements with Sun Yat Sen University, Nankai University, the Central University for Finance and Economics and Guangdong University of Foreign Languages. 

Collaborative activity is also taking place with a number of other key Universities. The aim is to increase research collaboration and take forward post graduate one plus one courses. In relation to the latter, students at all of the above Universities undertake a year at their home University, then enroll at the University of Birmingham on one of a range of one year, stand alone Master’s courses, before returning to their home University to complete their home based Master’s programmes. In this way, students obtain two Master’s awards. Two plus two courses are also either being run or developed for undergraduate students. We find that teaching connections  serve to further strengthen research relationships and visa versa.

The length and breadth of work in China 

Currently engagement is taking place with Universities situated in or around Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.  There are also plans to increase links with local government in Guangzhou. Priority areas of research  include  a range within economics and business as well as government, public administration, public management, older age, families and communities, health management, health and social care, social entrepreneurship, and social and micro enterprise. 

At CUFE we are focusing on Ageing - but this is developmental Sun Yat Sen are interested in POLSIS research as well as Social Enterprise in Social Policy Nankai - there is a focus on Public Management, Social Work and Government and Politics.