Medical and Dental Sciences

The China Engagement Strategy of MDS is built on the principle of working with partners that are recognised internationally for the quality and significance of their achievements in areas that match the priorities of the College in education, research, and business opportunity. 

MDS seeks to work with partners from traditional academic institutions, hospitals, health bureau and national, regional and city government departments dealing with health issues. 

In education, the College aims to offer world-class training opportunities through both UG and PG routes, including UG Biomedical Sciences and a range of specialized masters courses such as Public Health, Clinical Oncology, and Advanced Nursing Practice.  The College also wishes to enhance the experience of both its own students and those from partner universities in China through short-term exchanges. 

The key research challenges covered by the College where engagement with China offers exciting opportunities include: the effects of environment and lifestyle on health; the growing problem of anti-microbial resistance; novel drug development and personalized medicine; regenerative medicine; and public health.

The College is presently establishing various infrastructures with Chinese partners to enable delivery around the key challenges.  These include: development of a Translational Medicine research centre with capacity for population genetics and clinical trials; the establishment and use of patient cohorts; and training and delivery of primary care.

Example signature projects: 

  • Joint Centre for Translational Medicine Research between Birmingham and the Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health
  • Born in Guangzhou Birth Cohort Study between Birmingham and the Women and Children’s Medical Centre, Guangzhou
  • Guangzhou Biobank Cohort Study
  • Clinical Trials Training provision for the Sun Yat-sen University First Affliliated Hospital, Guangzhou
  • Chirpy Dragon project to tackle childhood obesity through working with Guangzhou primary schools 
  • Five GP training centres in Guangzhou