Working with the University of Nankai

Professor Barbara Fawcett is Professor of Social Work (Adults and Communities) in the Department of Social Work and Social Care, College of Social Sciences. She helped to develop a better relationship between UoB and the University of Nankai.

Barbara Fawcett-BizStudy

Our objective for this project was to develop collaborative opportunities between CoSS and Nankai University, as part of the Internationalisation agenda. Within CoSS we wanted to further develop International recruitment at taught postgraduate levels and to forge research partnerships. Essentially, we wanted to make things happen.

From the work undertaken on the Nankai project, we have been able to develop entry level agreements whereby students from Nankai University undertake PGT courses within CoSS at UoB. This has involved working with staff and  students from Nankai to expand the range of PGT courses on offer and explore areas of research interest with staff.

Although the School of Economics and Business within CoSS has good links with Nankai University - this was not the case for other Schools. Through this project, we have been able to build and expand working relationships across the University.

Not only that but we've seen far greater discussions of research interests between staff from Nankai University and staff from CoSS. We've now developed an effective, viable and productive entry level agreement that we're able to build on in other areas e.g. expansion of courses on offer, making links between Universities in China.