A summer in the UK

Tsui Man Lai Janti was a third year student at Beijing Normal University, and spent a summer in the UK.


I was in the third year of my Bachelor degree. Although Chinese Literature was my major, I needed to study the Western countries’ literatures. So I was very interested on understanding different countries’ culture and history. I wanted to have more experience, and I found the information of BISS on my school’s website. It suited my idea, which was that I wanted to explore the United Kingdom from a personal experience.

I wanted to know more about British Literature and writers, such as Shakespeare. I hoped to understand his works after I knew more about his background and his living environment. I hadn't been to UK before so I hoped that this summer school would let me know more about Britain.

My stay in the UK

We visited lots of art museums, the birthplace of Shakespeare, and different parts of Britain, such as Cambridge, Oxford, Liverpool etc. I was surprised that heritage can be categorized so differently. And I enjoyed finding out more about how the government preserves both tangible and intangible cultural heritages. I think the attitude and the method of preservation in Britain are worth-learning.

Also, during my experience I met many new friends, and we went as a group to York and London, which are not in schedule. I loved my trip as it allowed me to know more about Britain. I have many experiences to share with my friends and family members after this summer school.

Looking forward

I think this summer school provided great lessons for me and I really enjoyed the visit, it really broadened my mind. Basically, I really enjoyed learning something new about UK cultural heritage. For further exploration, I may want to apply the master degree in a related school.