Alumnus Profile

Maysa Saeidi

MBA International Business, graduated 2010

Maysa Saeidi graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business from the University of Birmingham in 2010. She is currently employed as the Assistant Officer to the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) for Iraq in Amman, Jordan where she works with the global fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. We recently caught up with Maysa to find out the impact the MBA is having on her life and career.

"Before my MBA, I was working for the national non-governmental organisation (NGO)," begins Maysa. "After graduation, I moved forward to work in the UN. Working in developing countries gives us all a new perspective on our own lives and offers us new ideas for the future."

Maysa Saeidi "The MBA is a truly transformational experience and it seeks to sharpen the student's management skills for an ever more competitive world. It is gaining these skills that secured my current role."

Having decided to pursue an MBA qualification, Maysa explains why she chose to study at the University of Birmingham: "The University and Business School was one of the top ranked universities in both the FT and The Economist so I knew it was a reputable institution. A close friend of mine had also studied at the University in 2005 and had recommended it. "I have many foreign colleagues in the UN; as the University of Birmingham has such a diverse student body, my exposure to different cultures and backgrounds have enabled me to deal with and understand them perfectly. Students who attended less diverse institutions would not be able to have the same skills or knowledge."

Looking back over her experience at the University, Maysa recalls the challenging nature of the course and some of her key highlights: "Developing new skills and performing to the standards that are set by an institute of higher education were challenging. We were taught to motivate each other when doing group work, to maintain effective communications within the working group, with other groups and the larger community. These skills were transferable to the working world so have particular value."

"My favourite memories have to be the regular gatherings and events! The parties, trips and study group meetings were all in a cosy atmosphere where I found a new family who cared about one another. I now find myself missing the campus, the street I lived in, the trees, my room and the whole city. I truly enjoyed the tremendous year. "I regularly regale friends and family with tales of my experiences at the University; the MBA gave me many options professionally, enabled me to branch out and change fields. The whole University of Birmingham experience, both academically and personally, gave me the confidence to realise I was capable of doing anything."

In recommending the University to potential international students considering joining the MBA programme, Maysa says: "When choosing modules, select those that will enhance your career; live close to campus and in an environment where you are able to mingle and integrate. Enjoy the time you have at the University, both academically and the friends you will make in a positive, cross cultural environment."

Maysa Saeidi "The MBA will have a positive impact on your morale and upon completing the course you know that you will have accomplished a lot."