Student Profiles

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Noor Balfaqeer, MA Translation Studies

Noor Balfaqeer, a graduate of class of 2009, was granted an MA Translation Studies through open distance learning.Her motive behind pursuing a master's degree in translation studies was to upgrade her knowledge in handling communications in a university that teaches all its programs in English in Saudi Arabia where Arabic is the first language.

In less than a year after earning the Masters degree, she was appointed Manager of Communications and Public Relations Department of Effat University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Despite being a working mother with three children, she managed to finish the Masters programme with merit. She enjoyed the privilege of the wide range of online resources that are available on the University of Birmingham E-Library. In addition, the program flexibility and the supervisors' appreciative approach helped her continue doing her best especially during the difficult times. 

"The best time I spent was collecting the data for my dissertation," Noor said. "I felt so proud when explaining the idea of my research to the respondents and how my research may add to the translation movement in the country."  Furthermore, she admired the bank of assignments that bridges the lack of face to face contact with colleagues and professors. "Reading how colleagues have tackled the same paper assignment in different ways is a virtual discussion board that broadens our knowledge," Noor said.

Now she has been offered a senior internal communication position in one of the multinational companies and she is planning to change the industry by moving to corporate business. However, she deeply believes that her studies at the University were a life experience that not only added to her academic growth but to her life long-learning skills.


Eid Almutairi, MSc Construction Management

Eid Almutairi "It is my pleasure and privilege to share my profile as one of the University of Birmingham Alumni. I had been awarded the Degree of Master of Science in Construction Management (with merit) in December, 2009.

The Construction Management Degree provides useful training in construction management skills by addressing the management of engineering technique and developing personal skills of practical use in the management and implementation of construction projects in a professional capacity.

The study period at the University of Birmingham was fantastic and beneficial for me as a good experience in exploring a different culture and knowledge. I am working as a senior construction consultant in a government organization funding new industrial projects. The practical training and personal skills gained in the construction management degree enabled me to do my job tasks in a professional way.

Since I engaged with my employment after my graduation from the University of Birmingham in 2009, I have participated in technical studies of 95 new industrial projects and am in charge of preparing appraisal studies for the integrated building and civil works in terms of their specifications and design, estimated costs execution time, tendering process, construction activities scheduling and monitoring of the main stages of construction."