Student life at Birmingham

There is a thriving student community at Birmingham and we very much look forward to you being part of it.

To hear what student life is like for our students, have a look at what our students say. Also, if you are unable to travel to campus yourself, visit our You Tube Channel to watch films of our beautiful campus.

Student societies

Many nationality groups form student societies during their time at the University of Birmingham. This is an excellent way to keep in contact with home and also provides an opportunity to highlight your culture and customs in the UK.

Student societies are also a useful point of contact for prospective students to Birmingham who may want to contact current students for information.

For a full list of student societies please visit the Birmingham Guild of Students website.

What our students have to say...

Julena Jumbe Gabagambi, Tanzania
LLM Criminal Law and Criminal Justice 2011/12

"Studying at the University of Birmingham has been a great chance for me to get a flavour of the “International University” in the United Kingdom. The University is located near the city centre and it is easier for the students to get all the necessary needs without hustle.

The campus is so beautiful and one enjoys the facilities available for private studies and a break in the green garden all around the University. The library is fully equipped with everything that a student needs. In case you need something that you cannot find in the library what makes life easier is that the library staff are ready to inform you about the availability of the material you are in need of. The library staff are so cooperative as they work tirelessly to assist students on how to search for materials, something that is impressive for any international student.

Having a personal tutor is such a big thing for the international students as one gets the chance to raise concerns he or she might have and assistance is given to make study life enjoyable. The mode of teaching makes a student confident as every student is supposed to contribute in class; studying a lot of literature before every class is good for students because at the end of the seminar you learn a lot and one cannot forget easily as you discuss with the lecturer and colleagues and the points remain in one’s head.

Studying at Birmingham opens new adventures and will make your life different from what you were before coming here; here you can realise your dreams. The standards are high but at the end your standard will be high as well."